4 Ways to Use a Storage Container Creatively

storage containers

Gone are the days of storage containers just being used for storage! In fact, the creative uses for storage containers continue to rise; just take a look at this list of creative storage container options.

1. Storage Shed

On the topic of backyards, storage containers can also be used as storage sheds. While some people might just add a storage container as it is to store their extra tools and homegoods, you can actually make your storage container into a fully functioning storage or tool shed by adding a door and windows. Boost the storage inside by adding shelving and hooks to hang your essentials just as you would in your typical storage shed.

2. Housing

The tiny house trend is in full-swing and one of the more creative ways to take advantage of it is by using a storage container as the bones of your home. As with a storage shed, you can add doors, windows, and even a porch to make your storage container house feel like a home. Storage container housing can be used on a large scale for entire communities, as an in-law or elderly relative’s home on your property, a full-time home for you and your family, or a vacation home on the beach or in the woods.

3. Deer Leases

On the topic of housing, using storage containers for deer leases is becoming more and more popular. Because there is no assembly required, and you can simply drop the container in your desired space for immediate shelter, storage container deer leases are a no brainer. Once the storage container shelter is in place, you can make it as luxurious or as bare-bones as you would like it. The most practical reason to use a storage container as a deer lease is that so many deer leases are in the middle of nowhere, making it difficult to get construction crews to your location for scratch building.

4. Pop-Up Stores & Cafes

Here in central Texas, pop-up stores are truly taking over. A pop-up store allows you to take your goods to your area’s most popular gathering spots, which obviously is a recipe for success for your business. On the same note, you can also use a storage container as a moveable pop-up cafe. Storage container structures create conversation pieces and photo opportunities and will undoubtedly attract traffic that a typical storefront would not.

No matter what you want to use a storage container for, Lone Star Trailers has the solution you need. We offer both storage containers and trailers, both for rent and sale. Give us a call today to discuss your needs!