A few commonly asked questions about storage containers

1. How quickly can I get a portable storage container delivered?

Delivery is typically within one (1) business day from receipt of order.

2. How much space is required for delivery?

The amount of space required is minimal. For a 20′ storage container, you will need approximately 80 feet of straight clearance. For a 40′ storage container, you will need approximately 100 feet of straight clearance. The width requirement is approximately 10 feet, plus enough room for the truck to swing back into place.

3. How is the storage container delivered?

We deliver our portable storage units using a specially-designed rollback truck. We gently set one end of the storage container on the ground, then pull out from underneath it. Our representative will ask you if we should load the container with the doors facing to the cab or to the rear of the truck.

4. Is there any site preparation necessary?

The only thing to be concerned about is that the surface is fairly level, smooth and firm. The truck and trailer weigh over 30,000 lb., so a concrete pad, asphalt paving or other sturdy surface is preferred, and most drivers will not drive off of a road or paved surface. If you need an off-road delivery, it is best to discuss the road condition in advance. In considering the resting location for a container, asphalt, gravel, grass, earth, and concrete surfaces are all acceptable. The container is self-supporting at the four corners. Therefore, on soft, unstable surfaces, we recommend each corner casting to be supported with a concrete footing, railroad ties, asphalt or a bed of gravel to spread the weight. This is also very important for container doors to operate smoothly.

5. What type of payment is required upon delivery?

For rentals, we collect the first 28 day billing cycle, delivery and pickup (not month). For purchase, we collect the total sales price including delivery charge and sales tax. We accept personal or business checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

6. What type of modifications will you do?

We can add extra doors, windows, insulation, AC/Heating when you purchase your storage container.

7. How is my container protected?

All of our new and used storage containers come equipped with a steel lock box welded to the outside of the unit. The lock box conceals and protects your lock from being tampered with.

8. How far do you deliver?

We service all Texas markets, including Austin, Bryan/College Station, Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, Georgetown, New Braunfels, San Antonio, San Marcos, Temple and Waco to name a few.

9. Are the storage containers weatherproof?

Yes. We water-test all of our storage containers before they leave our delivery site to be sure they do not leak. The containers are completely enclosed and will keep wind and rain and snow out so your contents stay dry and secure. We recommend you test your container as well.