4 Ways to Use a Storage Container Creatively

Gone are the days of storage containers just being used for storage! In fact, the creative uses for storage containers continue to rise; just take a look at this list of creative storage container options. 1. Storage Shed On the topic of backyards, storage containers can also be used as storage sheds. While some people […]

What is a Conex Box?

A Conex Box is another term for a storage, shipping, or intermodal container. Historically, Conex boxes have been used to transport large goods via ships, trains, and trucks. They grew in popularity during the 1950s as a way to ship items using multiple modes of transport without having to unpack and repack any boxes. In […]

Why Invest in a Storage Container For Your Construction Site

Adding a storage container to your construction site is a valuable asset to any project. Not only can you use a container as an on-demand construction office, but it is incredibly useful for storing a wide range of construction equipment and tools. Read more to discover why you should invest in a storage container for […]