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The History of Shipping Containers

We take the presence of shipping containers in our commerce and transport industries for granted. Shipping containers vastly improved the speed and efficiencies involved in transporting a wide range of goods, and fast forward to present day, shipping containers are used for more than shipping – just take a look at our storage containers. However, […]

What Size Storage Container Do You Need?

No matter if you’re looking for a temporary or a more permanent storage solution, knowing what size storage container you need is the first decision you have to make. We offer 20’ and 40’ containers that can either be rented or purchased for your home or business storage needs. While every storage situation is unique, […]

4 Ways to Use a Storage Container Creatively

Gone are the days of storage containers just being used for storage! In fact, the creative uses for storage containers continue to rise; just take a look at this list of creative storage container options. 1. Storage Shed On the topic of backyards, storage containers can also be used as storage sheds. While some people […]

What is a Conex Box?

A Conex Box is another term for a storage, shipping, or intermodal container. Historically, Conex boxes have been used to transport large goods via ships, trains, and trucks. They grew in popularity during the 1950s as a way to ship items using multiple modes of transport without having to unpack and repack any boxes. In […]

Why Invest in a Storage Container For Your Construction Site

Adding a storage container to your construction site is a valuable asset to any project. Not only can you use a container as an on-demand construction office, but it is incredibly useful for storing a wide range of construction equipment and tools. Read more to discover why you should invest in a storage container for […]