Dry Van Rentals - 48’ and 53’ Options

For on-site storage that can be easily moved on your property, look no further than our local on site storage trailers. These dry vans are perfect for extra docking or warehouse space or to just generally provide extra storage where you need it. We offer both spring and air ride dry van trailers for easy moves and easy loading. The dry, secure, and clean on site storage trailers are perfect for extra goods or product storage for your business.

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While you can’t drive these trailers on public roads as they’re not registered with the Department of Transportation, you can move them as needed to different locations on your private property. Once you’re ready to remove the trailer from your property, simply give us a call! We will handle the delivery and take away process from start to finish.

Your on site storage trailer comes standard with durable hardwood floors and water-tight aluminum roofs for the safe and secure storage of your property. You can select from 48-foot and 53-foot by 102-foot dry van trailers, so they’re perfect sized storage no matter the use.

Need help determining which size trailer to select? Or are you ready to schedule your delivery? Give us a call for either! We offer free quotes and a flexible delivery schedule.

On Site Storage Trailer Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Dry Van Trailers?

Most of our clients select on site storage trailers because they provide the on-site storage flexibility they need. Plus, they can be easily loaded and unloaded, so you can quickly cycle out the objects you are storing. When you select on-site storage, you’re able to reinvest the time you would spend traveling between storage facilities into running your business – you can’t put a price on time savings!

How Do I Know Which Storage Option Is Right for Me?

At Lone Star Storage Trailers, we offer storage containers and storage trailers for rent and for sale. The largest differentiator between our storage containers and storage trailers is the ease of moving them. The storage containers are typically stationary, while the storage trailers can be moved throughout your property or between loading bays. If you need help deciding between our various storage options, just give us a call – we will be happy to assist!

How Do I Get My On Site Storage Trailer to My Property?

This step is easy! Simply give us a call and arrange your rental. We will then deliver the trailer to you on the selected date. Once you’re done with the trailer, we will pick it back up! Unlike other storage companies, you’re not responsible for either.

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